Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mother's Day Out....for real

Pink Ninja is a social creature. And I am afraid at the age of 4, her Mom is becoming a bore. If you add the packing, and projects it seems as though Mom is extra boring. She has begging me to go to school. Begging. Which frankly has been difficult for me to accept.

Sir Rowland, never asked to go to school, he was quite content to stay at home. I am also sure, if given a choice he would stay home.

However, with all of these current projects hanging over my head, my time. Well, like everyone else, there are not enough hours in the day. So last week I decided that PN might be a good candidate for Mother's Day Out. There is a program down the road. I know the woman who runs it, she is a doll, and I gave her a call. They had an opening.

So this morning, I am packing lunch for PN. She is thrilled about starting school. It will give me 14 hours sans children each week to maximize my time. I should be able to get some of those projects done that are hard with the help of a 4 year old. Things like painting, landscaping, and painting.

I personally felt a little guilty about it, but DH will be leaving this week, so I am single parenting until we ca sell the house. Selling the house will probably happen sooner if I can buckle down.

I am sure the silence is going to be deafening. And it does make my hurt ache a small bit to know she is ready for "school". She is by nature our "goer". She would go all day, she thrives in social situations. When I take her to sir Roland's school for field trips, or when we are at church for AWANA or choir she blossoms. She has friends, and is very flexible which is important to her 3,4, and 5 year old peers.

I will also admit, it feels very SELF indulgent to me, like a luxury item of sorts. And for those that know me, well there is a tremendous amount of guilt. I like being able to handle EVERYTHING alone. The MDO program to me, is a flat out admission, that I can no longer juggle every ball I am used too.

For Valentine's Day DH got me an hour massage, facial and pedicure.....I was told by the salon that it will be 4 hours of bliss.

You may want to check in later, as after today I might faint amidst the free time, and the pampering hit my head on the counter at the day spa and die.....

You may want to check on me later, I think I might die of shock.....

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Anonymous said...

Hip hip hurray!!! That is wonderful news. Can I go to the spa with you?