Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My lavender phlox have been blooming for a month.

There are dandelions, the kids picked some at church the other night, brought them into the truck and proceed to tear them to bits, and I had a sneezing fit. My Daffodils are starting to bloom.

Spring is here, which always means busy for me, but this Spring finds me busier than ever...

Allergies have started, and with the bronchial condition I am suffering with, and now the cold....yeah fun. I may change the blog name to mucus head.

But spring is here, so start preparing yourselves.

My fix it guy comes in the morning to give me and estimate on replacing some of my siding, fixing a plumbing issue, and looking at some ceramic tile that has cracked. I will then start to paint the outside of the house, when the siding is replaced. I also need to wash windows, and mulch my flower beds up front. I have decided to plant a lot of vincas, to try and showcase the landscaping up front. They are inexpensive, and require little watering. I normally can buy quite a bunch for little money and those little things give you quite a show for your money. I normally choose perennials.

The single parenting thing, hard. and to those of you who do it per your Husband's or Wives career, and for those of you who do it because you have to...you amaze me. Last year I managed to single parent for 6 months. I am hoping it is far less this year, but who knows. I always forget how HARD it really is. I am being reminded quickly. Today SR did not have class as there was a break in, and so the police were investigating the school grounds today. So I got to play peacemaker for the third day in a row.

I have interviewed yet another realtor to sell this house. I did not like her. I realize it is a buyers market right now, and not a sellers economy. But I am having trouble finding a realtor that impresses me to sell my home. I keep going back and forth on this issue of needing a realtor....

Who knows what I will do. Both ladies I have spoke with currently seem as though they do not stand to gain much by selling my home.

Who knows. I might do it myself. Someone from church already asked when I would be ready to sell.

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