Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Still packing.

And there is REAL PROGRESS being made, which is good.

We were planning on taking a trailor up this coming weekend, but we are now unsure about it.

We are making this up as we go. I will say paying for storage, when you have space, and you know you will be making plenty of future trips seems idiotic.

We are also helping the weather is cooperative this coming weekend. Although I know we will FREEZE.

We are staying with my brother this coming weekend, and that will be nice. Cousin Curl and PN miss one another. They think they are sisters, and are only 9 months apart. They cannot wait to see one another.

My Father informed me that he will be coming up to my Brothers as well, and perhas my Sister will be tow. Nice. All of us together, and it is not for sickness, a funeral, wedding, or other function.

I will get to spend one day with them.

Monday I meet with our realtor, and must work on a list of all of the properties I am interested in seeing.

We have decided to stay in town, despite our romantic notions of moving to the country. We figure, there is plenty of time for that in the future, and the convenience of living in town, will be nice.

I am still looking for an all brick ranch, and the search is harder than one would think. The builders are building everything UP, in order to fit more homes in a development.

OK off to yoga...

enjoy the day

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