Saturday, February 02, 2008

and while we are preparing to go to a birthday party, they hack each other to death in Kenya...

I watch the news from Africa about every other day. I find it confusing most of the time. The political/socio/tribal and economics of Africa are something I do not think I will ever understand.

I have been watching Kenya in particular. We had a family friend spend some time recently in Kenya. She was very excited about going on her trip. She was taking oral histories from women dying of AIDS and writing them down for their families, and their soon to be orphans. When she told us she was going, I was worried, Africa is not for the faint of heart. It is a dangerous place. Unstable. Even the simplest act of driving is dangerous, and God forbid you need a blood transfusion or become ill. Not to mention all of the rogue factions that prey on tourists. She returned earlier than anticipated, after being stopped, and threatened. You can read it here.

And the violence in Kenya seems to have erupted after its most elections in December.

I think the numbers are saying officially 850 killed. But my guess, is it is more. Especially with the number of refugees from Kenya being reported as a quarter of a million. Reports of people being burned alive, The hospitals are seeing an escalation of the number of gang rapes, women coming in to possibly get treated for rape and other injuries acquired. The youngest of these victims is reported to be an 18 month old baby girl. The clashes continue between Mungiki and the Kikuyus....

It is very reminiscent of Biafra and Congo in the 60's, Uganda and Burundi in the 70's, and most recently the genocide in Rwanda.

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