Tuesday, February 05, 2008

where did I put that thing?

Packing still. I know everyone is gonna tire of me talking about packing, but it is what it is. To remain a functioning house while packing, with a 4 year old in tow is frustrating. So you know. She does well, it is not the four year old that is the problem, it is me. I just want to pack and be done with it.

It also seems as though when I have boxes, and tape, the marker up and walks away, when I have a marker and labels I run out of boxes.

Today I have to make my way downtown to pick up an end roll of newsprint.

I have used almost all of my linens to pack. I am saving the rest for pictures, mirrors, wall hangings and the like.

*kitchen- about 25% packed
*linen closet- 90% packed
*laundry room and pantry- 25% packed
*Master BR- 25% packed

When I start to look at those numbers, it is a long walk ahead, so I am stopping. Oye.

We are taking our first truckload and trailer up this month. DH reports for duty at the end of the month. We are all making a trip up as a family shortly, to look around the city. It seems as if the city has grown and we will be surprised. So I have to pick out a few houses to look at, etc.

PN asked the other day "Mom, why don't we just find a house shaped box, and pack the whole house in that?"

She is a smart cookie.

I am looking for a huge box for the house!

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pamibe said...

How smart! A house shaped box! I love it...!

I've always said that moving is a part time job. It's hard work; be good to yourself during this stressful time.