Sunday, February 24, 2008

and now he is gone....

As a military spouse, I am used to goodbyes. I can stand being separated for the greater good.

Combat, schools, TDY, but this is a first for us. DH left this morning for his new job in a destination of our choice. This separation seems to be one of the strangest to tolerate, because it is by choice.

I guess, I can cross my fingers, and hand the reigns over. I hope he likes his new job, and I hope he feels at home.

DH ended up changing the light fixtures for me, the process was far more tedious and complicated than it should have been. Lighting conversion kits etc. involved. The new light fixtures are lovely though, and the lighting looks more "current".

I also removed the "padding" I had bought for the fireplace when I first brought SR home from the hospital. I was afraid someone would hit the edge of it, and we would have to take a toddler to the ER for stitches. DH told The Collective last night, to be vigilant, and if they got hurt now, well the irony would be HUGE.

Small projects complete, with a few more to go.

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