Saturday, February 23, 2008

and the sexiness does not STOP!

Just when i think, things around here, cannot get further from sexy.

The chipped tooth.

The coughing, the nasal drainage, the constant blowing of mucus from my skull.

Well, while on the road of grossness, why not change out toilet seats!

I bought them yesterday and was sure I had bought the wrong size. HA HA, nope they fit!!

I will also add as often as I clean toilets, that remains a pretty icky job.

Grout is cleaned, shower heads taken down and any trace of lime removed.

I still need to replace the caulking, replace the towel bar, and toilet paper holder and wahlah!

One complete room done.

Tonight I am changing the light fixtures on my ceiling fans. My current fixtures are cheap and ugly. I found a $30.00 solution. Here is hoping they work, and are an improvement!

Funny, how we fix the house to be more livable, upon leaving it.

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