Friday, February 22, 2008

like a woman with too much makeup on....or how trading spaces ruined suburbia

I am not a"decorator". I can not tell you what color goes with anything, sort of like clothing. I always think classic is the best way to go.

There are several things I did not like about house hunting. Spending money, or the idea of spending money, well it makes me nervous even sick.

And then there is "design", spacial relationship and "color". I do not get those things.

I am guessing some of this is genetic, I did not got that female /decorating genetic. Nope. I like things beige, or cream, or taupe ad get the picture. I also do not like crap everywhere. I am a bit spartan/and like things stark.

1/2 of the homes we went into have not been updated since 1978-1980. Simple things, door knobs, switch plates, old appliances, light fixtures, red bathroom cupboards, carpet on the bathroom floor. Now all of those things, I can see beyond if the price is right.

The newer homes we looked at, seriously skeeved me out with paint. Lincoln Nebraska must love trading spaces, or the home and garden channel. Because almost every house owned by someone under 40 had assaulting paint choices inside. Examples, a neon green babies room, a bright blue exercise room, a purple , yes purple kitchen. I went into an interior decorators house, which for 5 minutes was interesting, but the following 15 were hell on me. It was a home out of a magazine. And I am sure she likes her home to be a show place for her skill, it also appears she might have had a home office there. So I understand she was trying to give examples of her work for clients....there was not an empty space on a wall, or a corner that went ungreeneried, a vinnette any place that would hold one.

But I will tell you, being in that home with so much going on, with no place for the eye to rest made me absolutely insane.

And I am not trying to be critical of folks that can live like that, I just cannot. For some strange reason my eyes can only take so much.

I did not realize, I had an optical overload problem until that home.

I do...


pamibe said...

I'm the same way... buy classic clothes and paint all my walls beige/tan. I don't want my home to stimulate my senses; it's supposed to be a calm place...!

I hate clutter and married a packrat....!

Anonymous said...

Y'know, I like purple (it's one of my favorie colors), but I sure wouldn't want it on my walls! Lavender maybe but not in the kitchen, for Pete's sake. Weird.

Just shows some people can't buy good taste. *g*