Saturday, February 09, 2008

spring has sprung, but at least it is not leprosy

Which means I seem to have a nasty case of bronchitis, and pneumonia. Nice. Just the ticket when you are packing a house, and preparing for a 10 hour road trip, meeting with a realtor, and trying to sell a house (oh and preparing for single parenthood)!

I did go to my GP yesterday who I adore, and managed a screen for strept, flu, and a chest x-ray. The chest x-ray came up positive for fluid in bilateral lobes. Pink Ninja was in tow, and loved seeing her Mother get a shot in the bottom. that was a nice grounder yesterday. I also walked away with a script for cough medicine and antibiotics.

I knew I was down in the dumps when I was making it to about 8pm and felt shot. I normally exist on about 6 hours of sleep with no problem. Lately I have been requiring about 10, and remaining very low energy all day.

I skipped yoga this am. and slept instead.

At least it is not leprosy, as Springdale, Arkansas has had an outbreak!

H/T Back Home Again


pamibe said...

Oh, crud. Hope you're feeling better very soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hope you are feeling better soon. That just sucks.