Monday, February 25, 2008

The flying Walendas

I do not missing having toddlers. They scare me. I think the hardest part of Motherhood is as soon as babies start moving, until they can reason a little. 9 months-to 3, well it is constant policing. You are worried about EVERYTHING. They will stick things in their mouths, they will climb, they will pull themselves up on unstable items etc. As a Mother, you literally feel as if you are preventing death ALL DAY. All Day. There is little in the way of sitting. It really was shocking to me, when SR turned that age, how rare sitting was. For those of you who remember, PN broke each arm in that age range. Frightening. I was not a big fan of "toddlerhood". To much curiosity, and that curiosity about the World over rides a Mother's voice, and warnings of no.

When each of The Collective turned 3, I let out a sigh of relief.....we made it out alive.

SR, he does not participate in dangerous activity as a rule. The kid is not a fan of risk. Then there is PN.

DH had not been gone 12 hours when. I was headed out to take The Collective to AWANA last night. As the normal routine, I open the garage door, and they race to the overhead door and stand in front of it. So I casually push the button to raise the door, and I note that I forgot the book bags.

I literally stepped into the door 1 foot, reach down to grab 2 bookbags, and when I return to a stnding position, and step one foot back into the garage, I hear crying. My brain automatically assumes, that the crying is from a game of "he touched me", or "he pushed me"...something irritating.

Anyway, so I look out the garage door, and I see SR getting into the truck. I then see two little legs dangling from the ceiling.

It seems as though PN thought it would be a good idea to grab onto the garage door and hang on when I pushed the button.

She never let go.

Her fingers did not get pinched, Thank GOD.

I had to swoop in and save her life.


I doubt if she will do it again. She was scared to death.

When I asked SR, why he did not call for help from me, he said....

"Mom I tried, I did, but every time I opened my mouth, the only thing that would come out of my mouth was laughter."

DH was only gone 12 hours, and I almost lost one.....

I really need to sell this house FAST.

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Suz said...

OMGosh, I was looking up Flying Walenda's and came across your blog. Forgive me for laughing but I so remember those days.