Monday, February 11, 2008

Living with the happiest child on the planet

Pink Ninja has the most sparkling disposition of any human I have met. Well, unless she is sick, and then she is mad, and angry. But if she is feeling well, she is like a walking ray of sunshine. Always smiling. She reminds me of a blonde Snow White.

It is amazing to me.

I am not always sunshiney, I can be if forced. I am not a morning person, I thrive on sarcasm, and dry jokes. I like coffee in the morning.

But I am learning from her. Her enthusiasm for life is not lost on me.

Pink Ninja woke the other morning, and came to my bedside announcing in the most sing songy voice, "Good Morning Mommy, the birdies were singing outside my window to tell me to wake up, it is morning!"

Not a bad way to wake up....

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