Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have a friend visiting..

that feels sooooo nice to type.

I have a friend here.

A pregnant friend. (Thank God, I have been thanking him daily)

Today I got to stop and pick her up, and met family. always fun, and her Mom was adorable. I also ended up having soooo much in common with Sarah's Mother.

We made it back to town in time to take Charlie for a pee....and pick up the kids from school.

PN was thrilled to see a dog, a REAL bonifide dog. (She has a robotic dog I bought at a consignment shop for 10$. He barks, and rolls around when you clap)

The kids seem to be pooped out after school, so they watched a movie, and tried to relax. (I chose the new Charlettes Web)I am sure PN would have inhaled Charlie. The poor dog needs a break from her....Charlie, also does not enjoy the trampline.

SR, who is a cat person, actually thought the dog was ok, and told Sarah if he ate any Rokenbok, she would HAVE to pay! (Must continue to work on his manners and tact.)

Had a 2nd grade orientation...felt bad, as I wanted to see Sarah, but had to leave and meet DH at the school. Kept PN with Sarah, and while we were at school PN decided she would marry Charlie.

School meeting went nicely. One more meeting this week, this time with mentors! So far both kids love it, and love the teachers. PN's teacher has 3 poodles, this is right up PN's alley. SR thinks his teacher has a good sense of humor, and he loves her positive reinforcement! I love this school.

I came home, and made chicken kabobs, rice, grilled pineapple (always yummy)....

Chatted a while, and let Sarah meet DH. Lots of old Army tales....

Hope she SLEEPS, she has pregnancy bladder, and I do not think she is resting a great deal, and traveling while pregnant is exhausting....

tomorrow is fun day!

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