Wednesday, August 19, 2009

and i made it to 12 noon

This morning was IT for us, the day I have been prepping for for the last few years. My daughter, (who was 22 months old when I started blogging ) started Kindergarten today. My itty bitty sunshine girl.

My Son started 2nd grade! I have no idea where time went....

and I was fine, until 12 noon when my Husband mentioned I was sorta crabby. (I was, I was on a RANT, complaining about things that were not personal....just grouchy.) And after he mentioned I was crabby, I cried and cried after trying to hold it together all day.

I think he felt bad that he had mentioned my mood, but he probably knew it was coming after 19 years of living with me.

It was cliche, my day. SAHM, is now a SAH? My kids are now gone 8 hours a nursing license needing recertification, after letting it lapse here in Nebraska. (I had no idea we would come back) Just cliche.

The kids LOVED school, loved teachers, loved the day. SR got in trouble for talking, and had to put his head down on his desk. (Um hello, he is my kid). We ran into the VP this morning, she informed us they have a mentor for SR for Math/Science...we will meet her soon.

Time flies. This is not all about me I realize, I mean I am glad the kids are READY for school, healthy, and bright. I had not near the trepidation re:SR going to school as I did in years past. They are doing sooooo fantastic, and I am going to take credit for some of that...

and as I sat here tonight, it occurred to me, OMG, they have to go to school tomorrow too......

But I seriously am amidst an existensial crises, and I have a map, with a couple of paths marked. Right now my intention is to stay here and get my $#!* together, get organized, get projects that I have been wanting to do, but are impossible with The Collective around. I am going to play old movies while I iron, and I am going to unplug my brain for a bit, try and recharge. Because I am not sure how to do this next chapter. I will figure it out. I always do. Sometimes I am late to the party, but I eventually show up.

Tomorrow after I drop the kids off at school, I am going to yoga, I am going for a walk. I am going to weed my flowers, I am going to have a hot cup of tea for lunch. I will pull everything out of the pantry and organize it.

The map says start job October, start school in January. I am going back to school in January. The house, well it could keep me busy for months. (Also i weighed myself when i took PN to the DR today, it was horrid, I will be busy with that too)


Guard Wife said...

Sounds like a plan!

I'm so glad the kids enjoyed school and glad you had a good cry too. I'm sure I will be a nervous wreck next week when I drop the girls at their new school for the first day. I'm pretty sure M2 will be fine as school is a relatively new thing for her and there will be lots of new 1st graders at this school. It's M1 I'm most worried about. 5th grade is hard anyhow, let alone when your mother drags you from one school to a totally new one. Sigh. I'm hoping it will be a positive move for all of us.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

sometimes we parents forget that our job -- our whole existence -- is to prepare our children to go out on their own, spread their wings and fly!! so sometimes the melancholy part of that is funny (but not ina haha kind of way).

they will be fine and you will be fine. all too soon, one w/b complaining about homework and hating school, and the other w/b complaining about NOT having homework and hating school... it is the way of the world generation to generation!

ps PICTURES plz... you DID take pics of the first day of school, right??

Retired Navy CPO said...

I didn't realize you boy and mine were so close. Mine just started 2nd grade too.