Friday, August 21, 2009

yoga, television, and not getting as much done as I should

Report for the week....

The Collective LOVE school, they like the teachers, SR even was sent home a handwritten note complimenting him on several good behaviors. I was not sure about the teacher when we initially met, but I think I get her now. I am sure she has seen, and heard about everything, and likes to assess things herself. The other night when we met, I felt that. (Believe it or not I can relate to that even in nursing) So right now I am thrilled.

I made it a habit to go to the gym immediately after dropping the kids off at school. I became even more motivated to do so, after going to the Dr. with The Collective and stepping on the scale. (Seriously??? Seriously???) All of the weight I lost painting, and moving, well it is back. Frankly it should be, I have not been going to yoga as I should. I thought running after the kids on bikes, and swimming would have helped. There are a few things I loathe about the aging process in females, metabolism. I have talked endlessly here, about how I NEVER used to worry about my weight...never, I was one of THOSE people. and to all of those folks that told me "it will catch up with you.". Well I hope you are all smiley now, you were right.

I have never dieted, nor will I start now. I love to eat, and frankly I eat a balanced meal most of the time. I do like a coke every day. I gave that up, and am having one every couple of days. I will not give up things. If I do, I feel like a cartoon animal seeing walking chicken legs every single place I look. No diet, no thanks. I do need to eat breakfast. I am not hungry in the morning as a rule, and would prefer brunch. However, that is not going to work. I need to eat before yoga, otherwise I run out of steam...I understand the physiology behind this..I get it. I really will have to FORCE myself to eat breakfast.

I turned on the TV today. It was on once in a while when the kids were home, usually some cartoon or something. 2 1/2 days of silence was enough, and i thought i could mop to an old movie or my surprise there was soap operas on! i seriously did not know these things were still on. I used to watch General Hospital when I was 15. When i was a new Army Wife, and 1990, I watched Santa Barbara for a bit, the affair really was short lived. I was surprised they were still on.

I like serial drama, I do hence my love of Deadwood, Rome, Carnival, Big Love , and my current favorite Mad Men.

Sarah is coming for a visit, SOON! For those of you who have not heard, she has NEWS! Go over and read and leave a note! i should be cleaning like some sort of mad woman, and i have been keeping busy so is just overwhelming. I tend to start laundry, run a load of dishes, clean a tub, and vacuum all at once. It is leaving me disjointed, I am going to start doing one room at a time. I am thrilled she is coming, I will have someone to hang with, and chat with, sans interruptions! Neato. I am afraid my tomatoes might come in while she is here...and currently she cannot stand them.

I am putting myself on an internet probation. I think it may help!


M.A. said...

I applaud your ability to say you are going to lose weight without a diet. I wish I could do that, but I'm finally bending to pressure after being one of those people that never dieted or watched what I ate. So I'm on a diet. Actually not that bad, I just make sure what I eat doesn't go above what I burn each day! Good luck.

Sarah said...

I don't care if you don't clean a single thing. And if we have to can tomatoes, then that's what we'll do!

(I'm too happy these days to let anything bother will be a perfect visit.)

Guard Wife said...

Internet probation!? Say it isn't so!!!! Ha! I'll call you if I need you. LOL

ptg said...

After three years in delicious Turkey, normally skinny me weighed in at about 300 pounds. It took me two years of simply eating less food to cut my weight almost in half. I didn't give up a thing, eat anything weird or do any extra exercising. I just ate less of everything.

If I can drop 140 pounds...

Anonymous said...

Yay, not dieting! Boo, getting on a scale...I NEVER EVER do that. Unless I'm at the Dirt Worshipper's house, where he has the thing that tells you your weight and % body fat. I get off all depressed. Need to stop doing that.

I was at a friend's house in Montana last week, and while she was on the phone I look to the TV and see BO AND HOPE. For reals? They are still alive? I figured they had to be fighting and cheating and plotting and scheming in the Hourglass in the Sky. Wow.

PS - the DW read "Franny and Zooey". Said you tried to get him to read it, and I recommended it too (great minds think alike). He didn't like it that much, probably because he's not sophisticated like us. There's hope.

You are one funny chick. Keep 'em coming. Love reading your stuff.