Sunday, August 16, 2009

I would like time for $500 Alex

Summer comes to a close this week, as The Colletive BOTH go back to school! This week, I sign PN up for gymnastcs, and SR swim. We go to the school, and meet with the new teachers, we sign up for PTO, and scouts, and hand in the remainder of paperwork. It is sure to be a busy week.

My Sissy is here, and it was of great assistance yesterday, as I wondered out into the city to get school clothes! In wonderful news, I did not have to buy any school SUPPLIES none. The school, the public school provides all supplies. SR needed his backpack replaced, but we had an extra one here, so that was easy.

Shopping amoung all of the other families yesterday drove me crazy. Not enough dressing rooms, long lines were the main culprits. I will not wait that long again. I did have the good fortune of having a nice 15% coupon for The Children's Place, and along with the sales they were having it all worked out.

SR got his first pair of lace up shoes, and so did PN. SR got New Balance size 2, PN some polka dotted keds, with bling on them, size 13. The kids have big feet.

They have been up early for the past few days, which is good I have been putting them in bed by 8:15 goal time, and they have been waking at 6:45-7:15. This is good, they need to be on schedule, and need the rest, even if it is horrid to be in bed at 8pm when all of the neighbor kids are running loose and screaming all over the neighborhood.

Today I must run back into town, take Sissy and the kids to the pool, I have 3 things to return or exchange. I also am in dire need of tupperware of some sort.

she leaves today, and I have no idea where the weekend went. None


Guard Wife said...

I can't believe it's Sunday either. I have huge stacks of paperwork to complete for school. I also have to organize the soccer calendar onto the family calendar (and my agenda book) and put in piano lessons, etc.

This coming week, we also have school visits--new student orientation & then an open house. CRAZY week!

My goal is to get these kids back on schedule as well. 8;15 sounds good to me!

Marc Miyake said...

I did not have to buy any school SUPPLIES none. The school, the public school provides all supplies.

I almost never have anything nice to say about public schools, but it sure seeems like you are getting your money's worth!

10 1/2-11 hours is a lot of sleep! I wish I had that much ...

Rachelle Jones said...

In Arkansas, the public schools were a disaster...I avoided them. And SR went to private kindergarten at out church.

Part of the reason we moved back here, is because the public schools were so awesome, we actually chose our neighborhood, and district based on everything we read...

We are thrilled, we have a great PTO, a great principal, a great facility. the public schools tested Henry when I asked them too (within a week), and even provides mentors for his science and math. There is still PE, and music, and ART too! They do an amazing job

Guard Wife said...

Before I forget, if you want to help your readership (or, at least me) I'd love to see some photos of your refrigerator magnetic magic. If not, I'll put Sarah on a secret spy mission and have her take pics of the fridge & e-mail them to me. LOL

loqi said...

I vividly remember peeking out my window blinds to watch the neighborhood kids playing outside when we had already been put to bed. So funny that you mentioned that, I had to comment. :)

Guard Wife said...

I'm putting magnetic tape on my list for this week!!