Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last day of summer

WOW, that was quick.

I just made blueberry pancakes, and actually made a few extra for the freezer. (You can easily store them in quart zip bags and pop in the toaster when you are in a hurry)

Last night we toured the school, the kids each got a Popsicle, or ice cream sandwich, we met teachers, and tah dah..school starts tomorrow.

SR was fantastic last night, he grabbed his little sisters hand and gave her a tour of the school, and introduced her to EVERYONE, art teacher, computer lab teacher, PE teachers, librarian...etc. No stone was left unturned.

When PN walked into the school, she was met by her bestest friend in the hallway. He charged toward her, and hugged her so hard they both fell over. It was sweet.

SR met his new teacher, and we had a small chat about him, and she was able to watch him interact with his peers. He is friendly and was polite, and then started talking about binary code, and poof the kids left 2 at a time looking bored and confused. I have not heard a peep about his mentors yet, I will assume all is well. I am sure I will speak to the coordinator sometime this week.

PN's teacher is calm.....I suppose this is a fantastic skill needed for a kindergarten teacher. she seemed unshakable, even with all of the noise and bouncing, and crying. The school had to hire 2 new kindergarten teachers this year, a lot of children. In good news, her classroom is tucked back by what I believe is the 4th grade pod. This should be good, as it will be a little quieter, probably not so good for the 4th graders.

Today I am taking The Collective to the state capital for a picnic lunch, and a short tour including an elevator ride to the top. I am unsure if we can go to the top, I have not been since 9-11.

My fingers are crossed.

We might go to the outdoor pool, after that. Let the kids swim, and play.

Tomorrow it begins, a new chapter for our family.

Me left in an empty house, with my new existensial crises....

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