Monday, August 10, 2009

Swim lessons..

My DH just happens to be home for a minute, and actually made it home before dark tonight, in fact he met us at swim lessons!

DH used to teach swim lessons, and is a terrific swimmer. I can swim, but its nothing to write home about.

He was impressed with both children tonight.

Bonus, SR wanted to go down the slide. There is a rule, you must be 9, or be able to swim across and back on the deep end. SR was determined to do so.

He MADE it! He now gets to wear a red bracelet, and got to register to use the slide.

He was so proud, it was all he could talk about.

His physical confidence has grown this summer. First the bike and now this. I am keeping him in swim.

PN is also doing wonderfully. She shows good form, and will be ready to graduate soon!!

I am sooo proud of them this summer!


Guard Wife said...

GOOD JOB, SR!!!!!! That's awesome! Slide away!

And, PN, what a big girl! Wow! You SHOULD be proud, Mom.

Tammi said...

First I'm THRILLED that your DH got to be there. (and sorry I interrupted your family time)

And Way To Go Dashing Sir Rowland!!! And PN? She's just as amazing in her own, precious way....

Peter said...

I'm pretty sure that good parenting has much to do with how well those children are doing.

If you get a chance, sometime, give your husband an extra cuddle, too. He probably won't ever say anything but he's kicking his own butt for missing so much of his children's growth.

vw bug said...

That is fantastic!!! Way to go!