Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome to GUILT CITY, the only place with an enormous population, and all fingers are pointed AT YOU.

There are some fantabulous things to read in the blogosphere. There are. I use the blogosphere for a lot of things these days. I get my news from them, I use it as my entertainment. Some folks are brilliantly funny, and really can make me laugh.

I am always shocked when people leave critical comments, especially in re: to parenting (heck anything, but especially parenting).

Holy Smokes folks. I seriously cannot think of a tougher job than parenting. (Maybe parenting quintuplets.) Parenting is just a hard gig. It is the most rewarding, yes. But ouch, it is a land of bumps and bruises I promise. Take all advice re: others parenting with a grain, hell a bucket of salt.

People can be hurtful, and I am not sure why EVERYONE thinks they DO THE BEST JOB, but they do.

I promise there is no one answer to help, there just isn't. No one does this job perfectly.

In fact I am sure I am currently paying the karmic price for all of my snide remarks before having children. (When I made comments like, "Well if that was my kid, I would blah blah blah".

Some children are hard to parent. Simple as that. And frankly I believe The Lord makes sure we learn our lessons here on Earth. I promise, if you have no patience, you will be blessed with the child that REQUIRES more patience than Jesus himself could show. I also promise you, if you are arrogant, you will be blessed with a child that humbles every ounce of your being. Well that is how I like to think it works, but I know better.

Becoming a parent just means, you better be ready to jump in head first, there is no wading in the shallow end. Which is a shame, I sort of like getting my feet wet. But one never learns to swim in shallow water I suppose. You learn quick, if you need goggles, or a noseplug, fins, or a swimcap.....listen to YOUR OWN GUT MOM. You will have to live with your decision.

I know of 2 readers currently that have recently had new babies, and one has recieved some mean ole feedback, the other I think was simply frightened to put much up out of fear that we all might light our torches and burn her blog down.

Play nice folks...

Being a Parent means that these new Moms, have already beaten themselves up without your help.

No one knows how one feels to live on 2 hours of sleep, for months at a time until they do it.

Sometimes I think we should have listened to our Mommas better. Sometimes it is better to not say anything at all......

Play nice folks.

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Tracy said...

Oh yeah, parenting is hard. And the thing is: what works for me and my kids most likely won't work for yours.

The best advice I received after my oldest was born was this: "listen to what everyone has to say, then do what YOU think is best". In other words, the more info the better, but the choice is up to you.

Every parent's experience is different, that we need to remember.

And oh did my sister apologize after having her own child!! She made so many snide remarks about my parenting, then she had a son that was the spitting personality of her muahahahahahahaha Sweet revenge! ::wink::

I hope your friends that have been hurt feel better soon. I bet they are awesome mama's!!