Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sesame Street - People in Your Neighborhood

I do not believe I have ever written about my neighbors, as I was afraid they would find "the blog"...*DH advised against it as well!

da da duhm...

Well luck (and the fact I have only a few regular readers) would show they have not!

In fact, i do not believe any family or neighbors read the blog, there is of course Aunt Leggy, but she already knows I think EVERYONE is crazy. I think she agrees, and that is part of the reason we get along soooo swimmingly. In fact I have tried and tried to get her to blog, and she refuses.

The Crazy: agoraphobic and possibly bi-polar. I only see her about once a month, unless she is manic. And then I will see her at the grocery store in her shortie pjamas.

Pudding Boy: married to a succesful wife. Is notoriously lazy. Answered the door shirtless, eating a pudding snack pack pudding cup one time. The image burned in my brain forever.

The Tackies: Wooden cutouts, with little boy peeing in the front yard. It drives me crazy! Everyone wants me to call the city, I refuse to. They are nice enough, so I am leaving them alone. The other neighbors are trying to find a way to steal them at night.

OCD: Has seeded and tilled his front yard a million times, with no results, because there is very little top soil. He also pressure washes his house, and driveway monthly. WOW!

Critic: Dude that tells me EVERYTHING I am doing wrong while my DH is gone. Tries to tell me how to weed, etc. (even though my lawn is much nicer)

Nappers: The couple that would prefer to send their children here daily so they could nap after work and on the weekends. This has gotten better though.


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