Saturday, September 15, 2007


A trip to the commissary today. The most embarrassing part was Sir Rowland telling a woman with a deep voice

"Wow, you look like a lady, but sound like a man! That is the strangest thing I have seen. Are you part man?

I need to start carrying a flask with me...because I cannot figure out how I am supposed to react. Taking a drink right away, might get me off the hook.

I have managed to get about 6-8 miles walking in in the past 2 days. Temperatures are not 3 degrees hotter than hell. Amazing how much better I feel when not trudging my way through pea soup.

I live in a hilly neighborhood. It should count for double the miles.

Also on IPOD for good walking music.

The Cramps
Johnny Cash
Love and Rockets

I love this time of year. Summer kicked my ass.

Going out to grill brats, and crabby patties tonight. As we are locked in to watch the Nebraska vs USC game. Nebraska looked like shit last week. It looked like they just ate a big meal and then ran into a 110 degree stadium. It was not pretty at all. They managed to win, but it was an awful game and Wake Forrest almost had them. It was exciting to see Wake Forrest filled with 80% Nebraska fans...

Sometimes I miss being in Lincoln on Saturdays......

I really do.

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Linda said...

I was just up in Lincoln a few weeks ago (we went on a Sunday, though...and before the "official" season began!)...we went to Misty's to eat. Drove 2 1/2 hours from Manhattan....just to go eat a prime rib that my husband remembered from OVER 10 years before. The only part of his trip to Lincoln that he deemed memorable (not because of the city, but because of who he was with and what he was doing there - preparing to get married and visiting the wicked witch's mom for the first time...something he DID NOT GO THROUGH WITH!). Me...I had better memories of the city. I lived there for a year (though never went to Misty's, lol), and loved it very much. Worked at Shopko...lived on 76th Street, across from Valentino's....good times....

Saw the swarming sea of PURPLE here at K-State last night though....