Friday, September 21, 2007

Nebraska State Senator Takes God To Court Over Terrorism

I am not a fan of Senator Chambers. I lived in Nebraska for many years, and always found his style as angry. There is nothing renegade about him.

As for his lawsuit filed against God, to prove a point about "filing frivolous lawsuits",well Ernie is frivolous indeed.

In Washington, they call a filibuster a filibuster. Growing up in Nebraska, well we called it an Ernie.

It is amazing to me that Mr. Chambers has maintained a position in the state for 3 decades, after all he is "left of San Francisco". This makes him the longest serving lawmaker in the states history.

Heck Ernie Chambers hours of filibuster make even Strom Thurmond's record breaking filibuster look like child's play.

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Linda said...

His filing this pathetic lawsuit to prove that "anyone can sue anyone" makes the US as a whole, look like petty, overly-litigious citizens. What must other countries think? Honestly...Sue GOD?

But I heard that God responded!!!!


What an idiot this Chambers is....