Thursday, September 20, 2007

evolution of a family...

Things have changed so much soooo quickly here. I am having a harder time figuring out how to keep up with the changing schedule.

It is fun though and I like it. I am just finding there seems to be less time for my little hobby here...

meaning all you tube posts and very little in the way of diary entries. Plus, well there is a lot of personal stuff going on. And I guess I am not up for sharing like I used to.

It happens to a lot of bloggers....boom. you wake up and suddenly find yourself with very little to say. Sometimes it passes and sometimes it does not. I wonder if it will pass. I am not commenting, or reading like a "good blogger". There is just not the time.

Sir Rowland is enjoying school, although there is trepidation in the morning about going. I think he would rather stay home, and play with his rokenbok. He has been building and building like crazy man. He has choir on Wednesday, seems to enjoy that, gymnastics one day a week, and AWANA (which is is doing very well at!!) He seems to be bringing a lot of work home, which I am not a fan of. I need to speak with his teacher about that. I think that is plain silly. He is having trouble writing neatly, I am honestly not sure how much I need to push the issue. After all he is 5. My own handwriting is a disaster....Oh he also has his FIRST field trip this week! The Fire House!!

PN, is enjoying her ballet, and library time, and extra time with me. She is also enjoying extra time at the park. She has childrens mission one day a week, and then AWANA, she is very proud of her blue vest!! She does like to be "with me" at all times. She has become expert at handling scissors this week. She is able to manipulate them, even through the trickiest of things. What a difference a week can make! Now I am a bit scared, as once I mastered cutting, EVERY CHILD within a half mile of our house, got a haircut with my Mom's sewing shears.

We have spent most of the last couple weeks catching up with odds and ends around here, after magically receiving a paycheck from the DOD that was owed to us...Those of you in the military know what I am talking about. Sometimes the government is late in paying folks. It is enough to give one a stroke. Especially since it was a LARGE amount. I had to pay tuition to the Academy, and I kept telling them, yeah the Army is late.....I am pretty sure that they thought I was full of shit. It does happen, and it can be frightening. A family does need $, to function. And as for that large paycheck, well it disappears almost as quickly as it arrives.

We have a wedding this weekend "The Collective's" first wedding ever! I hope they enjoy it!

I need to pick a color of paint for the house, it is in need of a fresh coat. THIS needs to be done before the rainy season. I also note there is some trim that needs replacing, so I must find a handy man. The leaves off of the oaks are coming down quicker than I can rake.

and then there is "that thing"...that might happen...

fall is busy

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Tracy said...

my 8 year old still writes messy. No matter how much we encouraged him or the teachers made him rewrite things, he stays messy. His 2nd grade teacher said, "all we can do is encourage him, but I think that this is just the way he is" and shrugged her shoulders. I loved that teacher LOL She never made him rewrite stuff, just encouraged him to write neater. And there are natural consequences~he's gotten spelling words wrong b/c of his atrocious handwriting!