Wednesday, September 12, 2007

give a man a loaf of bread......

Philosophical/Political discussion with DH last night with DH.

"what would happen if you were on the street corner with a truck with ONLY loaves of bread, with a sign that said....

"1 loaf of bread per household"

What sort of responses do you think you would get?

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Linda said...

I can't believe no one's commented on this!!!!

I think the response you'd get is that someone would gather a gang, they'd roll the truck, gag and bind you (or the driver), and take all the bread...and walk off saying, "ha, that'll teach that clown to show up and try to limit US."

But here's an interesting sidebar: My church has been blessed to get the 'older than "day old" bread' from Panera Bread. It galls me to no end to see the kids...the KIDS, walking around with loaves, long french breads, and 5-6 bagels. Why? Because I go to the later service. There is an early service, Sunday School, and the later service. So...these kids, walking around, have been there for the early service and Sunday school and have taken WAY more than their fair share, leaving nothing for those who come later. And I KNOW that there are so many who come later who can really USE some of that stuff.

It's the parents who don't set a limit to their kids. They come to the table and grab a bread (bare hands, of course), break a piece off, then leave the rest for some unsuspecting soul to take, not knowing how it had been manhandled. I tell my daughter she can only have one piece (a slice or a bagel) and if she doesn't like what she's chosen, she can't have another. But then the other kids come and just take and take. How can I set an example for my own child? It's frustrating, to say the least!