Thursday, September 06, 2007

Battle of the T-shirts

It has been an excellent wek at The Academy. Double smiley faces on every day. No pushing, no spitting. A note that said my child was wonderful! Ahhhhh...

Rock and Roll Baby.

All is well.

However, the other day upon picking Sir Rowland up from school, his teacher stopped me to tell me Sir Rowland was a little upset over one of the little girls t-shirts. It read. Girls are Smart, and in parenthesis said (boys are not). This upset Sir Rowland to no end. He was very upset, and made his teacher tell the little girl, that he a boy, was indeed smart.

When I got into the truck, he told me all about it right away.

And then he said.

Sir Rowland: "Mom, I am going to wear my Future President shirt tomorrow."

AWTM: "OK Buddy"

Well he wore his shirt today. He was a little upset, because she did not have her t-shirt on today.

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