Monday, September 03, 2007

My Ass might be bigger than yours!

Last year for my Birthday, my friend Cat from Swift Kick and a Band aid sent me the book, Bitter is the New Black.

A very funny book, based off of the blog by Jen Lancaster, jennsylvania. A 30-something version 2.0 yuppie/.commer who goes riches to rags.

I enjoyed Bitter is The New Black. Ms. Lancaster's humor was slightly self deprecating, and very pithy. But frankly in the book Bitter, I did not find her likable until the last quarter of the book. Probably because I spent most of the first 75% of the book envious of her ability to go get her hair colored at the most fantabulous salons in Chicago, and her penchant for $800 shoes. Knowing, that if I were to walk past Ms. Lancaster I might have have made it into her book as a fashion DON"T.

Well for this last Birthday, my Sister-in-Law sent me Bright Lights, Big Ass, the follow up companion to Bitter.

I sooo LOVED this second book, and caught myself laughing loudly and often.

It took me a while to get into this book, mostly due to my 3 foot tall stack of books by my bed. Most of which are fairly HEAVY reading. I really needed a break from seriousness, and needed a FUN book.

Ms. Lancaster reminding us, that 30-something is not like Sex In The City. We all do not have scads of cash, and spend our free time imbibing ourselves on martinis. Most of us have a budget, and a penchant for chocolate, and have to go to the gym. Life is certainly not as glamorous as television producers have brainwashed the American public into thinking. She has crazy neighbors, and likes wearing her pearls (even at the gym!) , gets "looks" from her Husband when meeting his boss, tries to get out of explaining "reach around" to her Mother over Christmas dinner, and has a pair of pants EXPLODE on her at the gym.

So if you need a good laugh, and I happen to know a couple of you do, I would encourage you to pick up both of these books.

Very light and fun reading.

Good for reading on the beach, and the tub!

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