Sunday, September 09, 2007


I was indoctrinated to the world of dance today.

I never took dance. Frankly we were too poor for it. I got to take "free baton twirling classes", that were offered by our city recreation department. 7 years of twirling, which really wasn't a "great skill". There were no twirlers in my junior high or high school. So my twirling skill has been of little or no use since I was 11. Well there was this time at a party, in which my skills with nun chucks came in handy. (I broke a chandelier)

I digress.

Anywho, back to the dance story. I had never taken dance. I do not know the difference between tap shoes, ballet shoes, jazz shoes. I have no idea. I am clueless. I HAD no idea how much $$$$ was involved either. Holy smokes folks. Really to keep things in perspective, I can say it is probably no different than any other activity or sport. But I was till shocked.

I have not had The Collective in much to date, because well Sir Rowland was not ready. That was most of it. There is also the fact that I do not want to be running all over to take a small child to activities that are really unnecessary at young ages. I do not believe in over scheduling families. I LIKE OUR FAMILY TIME, I do not want our family time to be spent in the car or at a McDonald's drive thru. At least not yet. My children are still small, and as a military family in a post 9-11 World, we honestly live differently then most of America, it seems as if we are always waiting for a deployment, and wanting to spend as much time as we can together!

However, with Sir Rowland beginning school now, Pink Ninja also wanted to start school. That is not in the cards right now. First off, I am a SAHM, and I do not want to farm her out to be institutionalized until I HAVE to. So I told her she could pick an activity. I let her choose from soccer, baseball, and dance. She has natural athletic talent. (not from me!) I wanted her to have some activity through the week that belonged to her, and helped her.

So dance it is. I wanted all ballet, but that is almost impossible to find, so she is in ballet, and tap. Some sort of combined discipline class.

So today I had to take Pink Ninja to our local "dance gear supplier", she needed a ribbon skirt (is that what they call them?) and shoes.

First off she LOVED being surrounded by shoes, and tutus, and ribbons, and costumes. LOVED it.

Second, I think I may have had to leave an organ behind!

Holy Smokes.

And I am starting to feel scroogish like my own Mother.

So I need to keep things in perspective, suck it up and drive on.

Pink Ninja does look adorable in her new ensemble, and class begins this morning. I am unsure what they do with all of the Moms and Dads while the little ones are dancing. I hope she enjoys it.

I also hope it helps her with grace, and coordination. Even at 37 years of age, I can tell which women in my exercise classes have taken dance through the years. They are much better at combining movements, copying movements, and grace than those of us who have not.

I must take photos this morning, as she looks adorable.

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Anonymous said...

I bet the photos will be adorable. I can't wait to hear the stories!!!