Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A busy day, and looks like no sign of a let up in the future. I need a day here to get some things DONE!

I did manage to go to the Salon, and get beautified!! Color and cut, PN at my side, so not uber relaxing, but done. And nothing beats someone else washing your hair. Well maybe a couple of things, but I like to keep things rated R over here.

We did manage to find Pink Ninja a costume today!! She is going as Cinderella, in a gown that lights up with twinky light folks!! Wowzers. Talk about elegant! *rolling eyes* Sir Rowland does not want to go trick or treating. He does want a bucket, so he can throw water at the trick or treaters. He also wants to give out candy apples, as a healthy snack instead of just straight candy. . Both of these things are not going to happen. I am going to try and find some sort of bowl, that has a hand or something that pops out of it. DH and I wanted to pass out gum shaped like eyeballs filled with blood red juice. We were informed that it was a disgusting and unhealthy choice. Party POOPER!

I managed 2 walks yesterday. 6 miles total. My knee has not acted up, and I am waiting for it. It felt great! Today it is icky out, so I am unsure if I will go. I do hate the heat, and humidity.

*On a side note, we could use some hands folded and prayers for some professional guidance...it would be most appreciated*

GOtta ruuuuunnnn

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