Monday, September 10, 2007

The Bomb

First off, not a fan of Ms. Spears-Federline, or whatever. I do not keep track of her. I also did not watch the VMA's. Although I was privy to some backstage chitter chatter via SpouseBuzz.

However I woke this morning
to a fresh cup of coffee, and all kinds of "news" or infotainment about how horrid Ms. Spers looked at the VMA's.

So that looks horrid, for a Mother of 2?

I am soooooo staying in today.

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Linda said...

well, it was a gutsy move to be in her underwear on stage...she did have a bit of a'll never EVER catch me in a getup like that, not even behind closed doors for my, never.

I think the "horrid" was more in the looks of the performance. From what I hear (and like you, I don't give a shi-at about, except to feel sorry for those two little boys), she was not sure of her moves, didn't look comfortable up there, screwed up the lip-synch (hey, at least we know it's lip-synched now) and generally just LOOKED not right ON STAGE...

sadly, she's now only really good for gossip fodder....