Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Explaining 9-11

I cried Sunday at church when we sang God Bless America. DH offerred me his handkerchief.

I cry almost everytime I hear the National Anthem, see colors being marched in.

......Anytime I see my fellow Americans standing before the flag.......

I cried this morning just because.

My DH was home this morning a little later than normal, because of a conference. So he had the news on.

Sir Rowland understood today was different after hearing the news this morning. He is five now. I have not discussed 9-11 before. I did not know how to explain such hatred to a five year old.

I had to explain it. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

His one question "who is paying for it?"

Someday he will understand why his Father is not in any baby pictures with him, or his Sister born 2 years later....

I could not answer it, I wanted too. But I could not answer without anger and sadness.

The victims paid for it, the families of victims paid for it.

And our service men and women and families continue to pay for it....we continue to pay for it.

I feel as though everyone has forgotten, unless they have been asked to remove shoes at the airport.

On the drive to Sir Rowland's school I saw 4 flags, in 7 miles. Our flag, the flag of the Vietnam era Marine Corp Vet, McDonald's, and Sir Rowlands school.

I feel as though the day has been forgotten........

and it makes me sad.


Anonymous said...

thank you for your sacrifice.

Tracy said...

Thanks you for your family's continued sacrifice for our country.

Our flag is flying today~as it is EVERYday. My kids were 2 and 1 month in utero on Sept 11, 2001. It is a day I will never forget.