Saturday, September 01, 2007

Interesting Day

I am not even sure how to begin this post. I am afraid of sounding hyperjudgemental, but parents do not belong in jail.

I do enjoy the lake we have found.

It is quiet for the most part.

I do not like mixing water, and crowds. It is just unsafe. Or community pool is PACKED, overflowing.

Although EVERY TIME we go...EVERY TIME, there is a child or 2 unattended. Small children. This makes my husband and I VERY nervous. The parents/parent/auntie/uncle/maw-ma (southern equivilent to a Grandmother), is not at the childs side, and at times more than 100 feet away.

Well of course the child, swimming alone with no one to play with, wants to latch on to our family. Note here, your child does not want to play ALONE. They want to play with you Mom / Dad/Auntie/ however. Parents, also note you have no idea who your child might approach...spooky on many levels.

This is going to sound horrid, but no thank you. If I wanted 3 children I would have had another one, or I would adopt another, or I would ask a neighbor child to come with us. We like our little nuclear family. We like out time together ALONE. I do not want to worry about your child.

So I normally tell the child, to get their "guardian." I try and say it nice, like "go get your Mom, tell her to come swim with you."

Well today was no exception.

Our little nuclear family is swimming, and basking, when a 4 year old girl unattended (family about 100 feet away) comes over to us. The following conversation ensues...

AWTM: "Darling, where is your Mom?"

Girl: "She is in jail."

AWTM and DH: staring at one another like we are going to choke all wide eyed.
Sir Rowland: "Your Mom is in JAIL?" "Did she steal something?"

AWTM: "Well where is your Dad sweetie?"

Girl: "He is in jail too."

AWTM: (WTF?, bouncing around in my head.)

AWTM: "Well, who is out here watching you?"

Girl: "My Mew-Maw" (Is that even how you spell memaw, I still have not figured that out.)

AWTM: Relieved that this family is calling the little girl to eat lunch, she ended up leaving.

Oye. And I sort of am unsure how this sounds, I told DH I was concerned about sounding self righteous. But I mean jail. for the love of God.

DH worked for 3-4 years full time night shift at the city/county jail in Lincoln Nebraska. Ick. I have heard most of the stories, none good.

Tonight Pink Ninja seemed a little worried that I could possibly end up in jail. She kept mentioning how glad she was, that I wasn't in jail. Yes the incident left all sorts of questions to be answered.


DH and I have also noted an inordinate amount of Granparents in this area as primary caregivers to Grandchildren. These Granparents look tired. I will say I am VERY disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

I think there are an inordinate number of grandparents being the primary caregivers of children in this area. Sad but true.