Sunday, September 02, 2007

Natural Selection, or I might go to hell for this post.

Yesterday, while we were at the lake. Before the "jail thing". I was in the water with Pink Ninja, when a family decided to camp out directly by us. Because of course I picked the most ultimate spot on the beach. (Near a tree, so my very pale children will not burn in the direct sunlight). DH and Sir Rowland were at the play area, and not privy to the discussion.

Let me try and paint a picture for you, which is hard.

There is a break by the lake, a concrete wall which is about a foot tall. 1 foot. 12 inches.

The entire family hops down, leaving a female relative behind.

I hear her say. "How I am supposed to get down there?"

She was SERIOUS as a heart attack.

I about cracked up.

Natural selection, is not like it once was before air conditioning, and automobiles. This woman would have been left for dead during the western expansion of America.

The best part was the reply of a family member whom said.....I shit you not...and it was yelled too. added bonus!

"Just step down!"

Seriously. I about died laughing.

The most horrible part of this is, well besides this woman having bred, and spreading her poison seed all over.

No one is ever around when this sort of stuff happens.


pamibe said...

ROFL!!! Where was your video camera?

Anonymous said...

LOL! You gotta wonder how some people manage to make it through life.