Wednesday, September 05, 2007

you can't be serious?

Well it seems as if the readers of my blog, are wiser than the author again. Affording me wonderful fashion advice AGAIN. It seems as though most of my readers, are the same as I. Which means, "go ahead and wear what ya want...white schmite!"

I suppose the rule of no white below the belt after labor day, well is "THE RULE", but with whom? (Or is it who?)

I suppose if I am at the local Kroger, and someone sneers at me because I have a white skirt on after Labor Day. Well I can tell them to "bugger off" in my best British accent. I mean, we are at Kroger, after all. If you are spending your money where I am spending mine, you cannot be snotty. Right? Sneering is more rude than wearing white right?

If I am at church wearing a white skirt after labor day, and anyone evens looks at me curiously, well I know they are going to hell. Right? Because Jesus, doesn't care about fashion rules. He wore open toed shoes year round too, right? Jesus would have loved my Tevas.

The bonus here is. I only wear white when out of town, or at church for an hour. I mean do you think I am insane enough to run around wearing white with a 3 and 5 year old? Nope, tis a rare ocassion, when I am feeling virginal.

P.S. Jesus, I was just trying to be funny about people going to hell. Please do not send me there for making a comment about church people, or for using the term virginal.

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