Friday, September 22, 2006

Thrown out of my own house?

That is right, my Mother In Law threw me out of the house AGAIN today. Ya gotta love this lady right?

When I returned with groceries, she helped unpack them, and had ALL of my laundry DONE.

I may ask her to move in TODAY!!

I did go see the little man down the road, I bought tomatoes, apples, and a cabbage.

I made 2 apple pies today.

I have made 3 pies this week, which means, I better get my butt to the surburban hills round here.

I also had a "fiesta" tonight complete with margaritas!! Delicious!

Tommorow is the Memorial Bike Run for the 39th Infantry Brigade's Fallen. MIL, is riding with DH. Let us hope the weather clears, as they are both looking forward to paying respect to those fallen men.

It is so nice having female company here at Casa De Dust!!

Dash and Pink have been peaches for her...

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