Monday, September 18, 2006

The skies parted...

and I swear I heard music


I may have heard a harp or two

It is delivered tommorow

I ended up with the GE Profile, which normally I would not look at, due to price. But I found one at the wholesaler down the road. Some wife down the road ordered black, and they opened the box, and it was white....

so it is now mine for a lovely price.

Key Features
° One-Piece Color Wrap Contour Door — Provides a rich contemporary look in any kitchen
° Bright annealed stainless steel interior — A lustrous finish and lasting beauty that resists stains and corrosion!
° Giant Tub with Maximum Capacity Nylon Racking — Holds tall and oversized items; washes 16 place settings at once
° Four-Position Adjustable/Removable Upper Rack — Pulls out completely or moves up, down and diagonally for maximum loading flexibility
° Countdown display with 1-9 hour Delay Start — Signals remaining cycle time and makes it easier than ever to wash dishes at any hour, taking advantage of reduced energy rates or washing dishes even when the family is asleep
° QuietPower™ V sound package — Ensures the kitchen stays incredibly quiet with an enhanced sound deadening system
° Light-Touch Electronic controls with 6 Status Lights — Provide a smooth sleek surface and requires only a gentle touch to operate

It happenned just in time, my nails and hands look much worse than normal...


Anonymous said...

Yaaa!!!!!! You certainly deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, YAY!!

; )