Thursday, September 28, 2006


It is going to be a long day here at Casa De Dust. There have already been tears, and tears about Granny being gone. Tears, about almost EVERYTHING that has not gone right this morning. I know, it is not about the "stuff".

Heartbreaking, to be 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 and see your most favorite person on the planet go away, and you do not know why.

So, it has been a long morning, despite my best attempts at "replacing" her. It just cannot be done. I cannot be Grandma.

No one wanted to eat a regular breakfast this morning. Pink Ninja requested the only prepackaged, prepared food in the house. Good old Kraft macaroni and cheese, and I went ahead and made it. Comfort food I suppose. I am not gonna fight some things this morning. I just cannot.

Grandmothers are a good reminder to we Moms. They really are. Grandmothers remind us to slow things down a bit, remind us that the house cleaning will always be there, that smiling children are happy children.

They deserve to have someone in life that thinks they can do NO wrong, and that they are the most beautiful, and smartest children on the planet. They deserve to have someone, that thinks they are the moon, and that is "Granny" in this case. I love that for them, because it is something I grew up without. I couldn't have hand picked a better person for the job.

SO Granny is gone, and we have no idea when we will have the pleasure of seeing her again......


it is going to be a loooooooong day. Now, where is that Boston Cream Pie?


Ogre said...

Was that your pie?

Sorry. :)

Anonymous said...

yep... I understand your pain... now can I go kick Ogre in the Arse for eating your pie??? It'll make me feel better after making an arse out of myself today. ;-)