Saturday, September 23, 2006

5 Songs that make me INSANE....

I did a similar post back in March 2005...

I am going to re-post that, and then add 5 more songs. I do recall after posting this, about 6 of my 10 readers were pissed off at me.

Music I can't stand......
Blogging will be light, because of my hostessing duties. They are paramount to my social standing. Not really, I just like hanging out with Dear Husbands "Step-Dad.

Here is a great question for you.

Who is your least favorite recording artist?

I cannot stand George Thourogood, or Bob Segar, even if I am drunk off my ass, and with the coolest people, in the coolest bar. I just can't stand to hear either of them screeching and grunting. Makes my skin crawl to think of it. I really tried to pick one, but can't.
I can't stand both.

Ok I still hate those artists, and EVERY song they have sang, but since I have a new meme, I get to...

Pick 5 songs that DRIVE me up a friggin wall. (let me grab a puke bucket)

1) Susudio, or whatever by Phil collins blech

2) What a Fool Believes, by Michael McDonald

3) "Whoomp there it is", by whoever cares...

4) Octopus's Garden, the Beatles..ick

5) We Built This City on rock and Roll, by Jefferson Starship

and I could go on and on, and on

but hell what do I know. Instead of pimping this Meme out, I really want to hear what song DRIVES you batty, leave it in the comments section. I need something entertaining to read, and I could use the traffic.


Anonymous said...

What? No children's songs?

Anonymous said...

The song I absolutely hate the most in the whole wide world is Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot. I have hated it ever since it first came out. And I swear, it was the longest bloody song in the history of mankind. And it always seemed to play on every radio station at the same time. You couldn't escape it except by turning the radio off. *g*