Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Plate Tectonics

I woke this morning, as DH departed. 6:ooam, still dark, The Collective awake, and already challenging themselves with puzzles. For 2 days, they have been putting puzzles together. There is a little cooperation that takes place. The puzzles are 24 piece puzzles, Dash has mastered them long ago, Pink Ninja, is learning the art, and wants to do it ALL alone. When she gets stuck, she asks for help from Dash. However, I am noting his help is required less and less. I like puzzles, they are quiet.

The last couple of days have been sort of noisy. PinkNinja has taken to wearing Daddy's deer call as a necklace. Well, of course she cannot be the only one making racket, so Dash had to start carrying a whistle. OUCH, the deer call or buck call, or whatever it is is pretty quiet, the whistle is shrill.

There is also the matter of Dash teaching himself to write words, and sentences. He seems entranced by his new skill, so he will sit with his Magna Doodle for hours. He has recently has become fascintaed with Chinese charactors, he noted on an inflatable pool toy. So he is trying to learn how to write Chinese. And Although DH could be of help in this matter as he took Mandarin in college, it is lost on Dear Mom. I have trouble with English, so the Chinese is confusing to me.

This morning, before breakfast Pink Ninja, rifled through a clean basket of laundry because she was looking for her favorite outfit, and then she found an outfit for her brother as well. They helped one another get ready for the day.

Then they told me they were hungry. They rounded up breakfast supplies from the pantry.

It is nice to realize my focus as a Mother is changing. I am no longer, nursing, and dressing, and changing babies. I am becoming a guide to the planet, this is a cosmic shift for me.

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