Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back Seat Driver

Dash is currently fascinated with my driving. He sits in his 5 point restraint booster seat in the back, and pretends to drive. He reads signs like caution, merge left, fines double, he offers advice. You get the idea. Can I tell you, it can get old. Especially if in a traffic jam, or a really busy or confusing area of traffic arises. The kind of traffic, where silence is the best. He just wants to give me all sorts of advice about changing lanes, and speed limits, and which cars I should pass.

Pink Ninja, sits in the back singing sweetly, or naps. (She only will nap in a moving vehicle) Oh and these "naps" usually take place 5 minutes away from your destination.

Anyway, so I pull into the library about 2 days ago, and the parking lot is small, and it is full of large SUV's. Normally I can just shoot into parking places, with little trouble. But this lot is sooo small, and Suburban housewives are not exactly "known" for parking SUV's in a tight spot. SO I want to be "the wife" that parks correctly.

I pull in, and then back up and try and straighten the wheels and center the thing. Dash, is talking the whole time, and I have no idea what he is saying, because I am concentrating, and singing with Pink Ninja.

I unload The collective and we head into the library, when Dash says to me....

Dash: "Mom, you really need to work on your parking."

AWTM: "Excuse me?"

Dash: "You really need to slow down in reverse, turn the wheel, and use the mirror."

AWTM: "Oh really?"

Dash: (serious as a heart attack ) "Yeah, you really need to work on it."

I promise you this conversation was not lost on me, the air conditioning and heating repairmen got a real kick out of it, as did 2 other women. There was snickering.

Can I tell you something, I was a little offended. I can park my truck like no ones business.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing worse than a backseat driver. *g*