Friday, September 08, 2006

Ode the the tomato

Tight bright skin covers
Red sweet flesh, I am saving
For my winter mouth

I stopped at my little man down the road yesturday, trying to catch the last of the season's peaches, and tomatoes.

Only, 2 half falts of peaches. I bought one. Very small ripe peaches, which we have eaten like candy. They are so juicy, we should be eating them out of doors.

I bought 28 pounds of tomatoes. Which I plan to blanche, dice and freeze.

I bought 2 vidallia onions.

I also bought about 2 pounds of small yellow crook necked squash.

Can I tell you I am going to miss buying my veggies from the roadside. I think I have a couple more weeks until he closes shop.

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