Friday, September 29, 2006

A Picture is worth a thousand words...

One of my biggest complaints about being a military wife, and a Mom is the lack of photos. There are few photos of me, with both of my children. They do not exist, unless I take them at an arms length myself. Photos taken at an arms length are not the most flattering, and someone usually gets an eye, or head cut out somehow.

Well upon finding out "Granny" was coming, I asked her to take plenty of photos of me and "the collective"...

So she did.

It cured me.

Photographs can be hard to look at can't they?

I know, I need to get into the salon and get my roots done ASAP. I also know I need more sleep. I look worn out in all of the photos. Oh, and I promise this is not a plea for any is not.

So as hard as it is on the pysche, there is a lot to accept in a photograph . There is aging. Which I should not complain about. There are planty of people around, that will not have the opportunity to age. Some of those exist in the blogosphere for us...there are people fighting for their lives. So I guess, as my DH says...never bitch about growing older, only the alternative.

I need to narrow my focus, and remember it was a cool fall day at the zoo. Dash and Pink Ninja were so gentle and kind when feeding the goats and lambs. They spoke with monkeys. Granny was with and she got to point out wolves, foxes, and monkeys. We all ate icees under a shade tree and watched the alligators smiling in the sun.

Getting older is not half bad...

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Anonymous said...

Getting older IS better than the alternative. But nothing says we don't have to fight it every step of the way if we want to. ;)