Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lite Blogging....

First off I woke to NO POWER this morning. AGAIN!! Hey Entergy, when I pay $200 bills all summer long, I really do expect you to provide service. I really do. thank You...but 3 outages in one morning. Come on people.

On a positive NOTE!! My Mother-In-Law arrives today, which is lovely. She is so excited to see "The Collective", I think she might be able to power the plane. with her smile and anticipation!!

She will visiting for a little over a WEEK!! This is needed for all of us....I miss her, DH misses her. WE have catching up to do!!

So blogging will be lighter than my "usual".

The Collective are counting the minutes until they see Grandma get off the plane.

On a side note: Tommorow, DH and MIL, are giving me the wonderful gift of Mothers Day Out!!! Which means, I am going out and about, to shop ALONE!! I have an important trip coming up, and need to do some serious shopping. I also would like to sit and drink a coffee out of doors, and read a book, like you "hipsters" do.

I also am planning on getting back to yoga this week, after my long illness, and infection. One of my instructors hasopened a new studio to try!

SO come on in, tell me what you would do with 8 hours free time..?

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