Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekend Warriors

I keep checking in over at A Storm in Afghanistan, to check on this family, that need our prayers. I went again today and noted several posts. S.C. Eagle does update us, and it looks as though, he is trying to rest, which he will need...

"Anyway, we went there and checked in. Doc sat us down and we briefed back and forth. He looked absolutely resigned and defeated. Spoke optimistically.

Surgery is Tuesday. It'll be the whole breast, and anything else they see while they're in there.

The biopsy came back positive for the breast tumors, but we pretty much knew that already."

I am going to ask you all to continue praying, and sending positive notes to this family.

It is the weekend, some of us will be going to church, some of us not, some of us will say grace over a meal. So please try and include this family.

There is a surgery scheduled this Tuesday, and this is important.....

Thank You,


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