Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Every Voice Counts...

~information on the book
"This," cried the Mayor, "is your towns darkest hour! The time for all Who's who have blood that is red To come to the aid of their country!" he said. "We've GOT to make noises in greater amounts! So open your mouth lad! For every voice counts!" ~Horton Hears A Who

I found "blogs" by accident. I was up late one night looking for information on my Dear Husbands unit after not hearing from him, and hearing of IEDS, mortars hitting around Camp Taji, and The road to the Baghdad International Airport. This was my DH's home.

So I think I googled Camp Taji, and my DH's unit, and I was there. Perhaps, not "there" to be exact. But I found online journal after online journal giving daily glimpes of military life. I was relieved someone was there, telling me what day to day life was like. Sometimes, it made me cry, and sometimes it made me laugh, it always made me feel less alone....

I would read in the comments...
"Thank you for posting this, do you know my DH, he is there at your camp? "
"I am so glad you are posting this, my DH does not tell me what is going on"
~I cried, I was glad to hear I was not alone.I was immediately relieved I was not alone. You see my DH was deployed with a National Guard Infantry Unit for 18 months.

I was 7 months pregnant, with a 22 month old.. And in a town where 2 or 3 men were deployed. My closest family was 12 hours away. I was not alone....

I think the first Blog I found was Mr. Blackfive, then Mudville, Hook, Chief Wiggles, Colby Buzzell.Through Blackfive's blogroll I found others, my blog mentor, and Mom
Tammi, a diarist and military supporter, Boudicca, a Mom. Who knew? There were so many voices wanting to be heard.

The following is a list of Authors that are included in The Blog of War

365 and a Wakeup
A Day in Iraq
American at Heart
American Soldier
Armor Geddon
Army Wife Toddler Mom
Biting Their Little Heads Off
Blog Machine City
Boots in Baghdad
Cali Valley Girl
Counter Column
Courage Without Fear
CPT Patti...the Sweetest Woman on the Planet Goes to Baghdad

Doc in the Box
Fire Power Forward
From My Position...On the Way!
Going Green Again
Howdy (Camel Spider)
In Iraq for 365
Learning to Live
Ma Deuce Gunner
Magic from the Baghdad Cafe
Makaha Surf Report
Medicine Soldier
Military Bride
Mudville Gazette
New Lives
One Hand Clapping
Pull on Superman's Cape
The Questing Cat
Rebel Coyote
Red State Rants
SGT Hook
Sic Vis Pace, Para Bellum
Six More Months
Some Soldier's Mom
The Sniper Eye
A Soldier's Perspective
Talking Salmons
This Is Your War
Training for Eternity
Trying to Grok
Wordsmith at War

And Powerline's combat correspondent "Major E"

I remember the day Mr. Blackfive begged the question, I am putting a book together, and I want to know who you my readers want to be included. I immediately suggested a post from Some Soldiers Mom to be in the book.

I suggested, the post where her son is injured, and not because it was exploitive, but because she reacted exactly like a Mom would, and she captured the moment in words so perfectly, the horror of the phonecall, the collapse, the auto pilot, the absolute horror.

After making the suggestion, I went back to see Fuzzilicious had recommended my posts. I had no idea she had heard me. At the time I started my blog, I probably had 10-20 visits a day, on a good day. I was writing for myself, because I guess I wanted to be heard. I needed to know I was not alone.

You see, I did not start my blog until my DH came home. I also am a diarist, I am not a mil-blogger. My blog started with reuniting, by the grace of God. I was lucky. I am one of the lucky wives, and I do know it. I wake every morning and I thank God I am so lucky. Because there are some of us, that were not as lucky...like Learning to Live.

So to each of you for sharing, I thank you. You made me feel less alone for 18 months. In a town where I felt like no one understood, my pain, and my ache, and my lonliness, my anger, hurt, and worry...you were it. You helped me survive an eighteen month deployment. For my post to be included in such company, is an honor, I am truly humbled.....now if I can make it through the rest of the book.

You see, getting through the book reminds me of the nights I spent looking for news. While reading through the book, I can almost recall reading your posts for the first time, right after it was freshly written. I feel like I know you, and your girlfriends, Husbands, Wives. I have heard you speak of missing your children, wanting to smell your wife again. I have been lucky enough to meet some of you, at the Mil-blogging conference, and you were just as impressive as your written words.

For the Service Men and Women, amazing. It is hard to put what I feel for you into words, I am proud of you and your efforts. Your strength and bravery, and spirit. Your Spirit....amazing. For fighting the fight, so I do not have to, so my children do not have to. I thank you. You do make me sleep better at night.

To The Spouses, Family, and Friends. I have been an active duty wife, a civilian, and a National Guard wife. I have been through 3 deployments. I am continually amazed at the SUPPORT you give, the prayers you offer and your strength.

To the author and editor. Mr. Blackfive, thank you for recognizing the need for news, and the need for support for our Service members, families, and supporters. For all of the money you have raised, for all of the people you have helped, for the hours you have put in. I know you will start to turn around and walk away, hands in pockets, but I have heard it first hand from the folks at Walter Reed, from individuals, and families. You are the real deal, a gentleman. Thank You for giving us a voice.

With Sincere Pride and Gratitude,


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Sean Dustman said...

Thank you Rachelle for hanging in there, your as much of a hero as any of us. Take care and see you in the spring!