Wednesday, September 06, 2006

1st Family Book Review....And by a democrat none the less...

First off to prove there is no bias here. My Father has not even purchased the book yet. A blog? A book? Huh? *crickets...* If and when he reads the book, I will post the review here.

However Dear Husbands Step Father, bought his copy, and has started to read it already. Note here he is PROUD to be called a hippie, and a Democrat. (GASP in horror) I guess when he is not out saving drowning puppies, he is giving poor people money just for fun. He is also a Democratic delegate for the state of Nebraska.

So, I sent him the Amazon link for the book (Shameless promotion here). I also told him off the boat, I hoped he understood the premis of the book, and I also told him, I was unsure if he would understand it.

He sent me this e-mail in return.

Curse you Army Wife Jones---- I now have sold my soul to to buy a book. The next thing you know I will be drilling for oil in Anwar. Normally I would reject books being produced through the military Industrial complex. I usually wait for the 10,000 Villages editions which are produced one at a time in third world countries on morally superior paper that still has chunks of bark in it. The trees of course having been salvaged in the aftermath of storms caused by global warning and then hauled from the forest by happy unionized elephants (not like those forced to represent a certain political party).

I sent him a note that said.

Do not worry the trees are safe, we used puppies to make the paper.

So I was SHOCKED this morning to recieve this...

Got my copy of the book in the mail and have started reading it.

Interesting that you had wondered how I might view the book. . I think it is really pro soldier and family and that the people are the story not the conflict. Reality has a way of providing something for every view point as well common ground. .If rhetoric, politics, and special interests are stripped away only the people and the situation remain and that is what we have to care about.

Once a hippie always a hippie, but geesh I love this guy

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