Thursday, January 18, 2007

This isn't McDonald's, and it is not a Country Club either.

*a rare political post, because I am pissed off this morning*

When the President spoke the other night, about the surge in Iraq, the Dems were quick to prance out Senator Durbin with the message that was approved by the entire party. It wasn't Durbins message, but they pranced him out anyway. Everyone on the right thinks he is a piece of shit anyway, so they had nothing to loose with him delivering the vague, and finger pointing response, which offered no alternatives.

I am sick of people wanting everything NOW!

Instant gratification does not work in war, democracy, liberty. Some things are worth the wait. Nation, and government building take time.

Oh and lets talk about the picture the media has painted of Iraq. I mean it sort of resembles a Picasso at this point. Wolf Blitzer, and Katie Couric, and other shit bag personalities, reporting what they hear from some other shit bag journalist held up in a hotel in the green zone. Yeah, not a real reliable source. (Oh and remember the media spends little time on Iraq, there is more pressing new to be found eg: Britney Spears not wearing panties, or the fight between Donald Trump and Rosie O Donnell, which frankly we should give 2 shits about, or whose tits looked great at the golden globes)

Which is why CENTCOM, the DOD, and the PAO need to start fighting this media war a little more aggressively. Right now the active duty bloggers, and embeds are where to get the REAL news.

I am currently pissed off at the Dems (nothing new), wanting to put a time limit on the success in Iraq, they are talking about Iraq from both sides of they're mouths at this point. And from all I have read on the Iraq Study Group (I mean the Iraq surrender group) , it is a politically biased piece of crap.

Iraq, is a small piece of the puzzle, and will look even smaller in 30 years time. Iraq has loose borders, and Iran and Syria need to be watched. Those WMD did not just go away, I assure you.

Terrorism is a global problem. Just note the news in Indonesia, Thailand, and Africa.

The World is a dangerous place, and I will respect the Democrats opinion when they admit, that there are a lot of fanatical religious and terrorist factions that want us dead. Simple as that.

The World is not McDonald's.

And I think we as Americans owe it to ourselves, to expect more from policy than "hey we want the #1, and supersize it". Things take time, and plans can change, and should change.

Lets not forget 9-11. There are people that want my family dead. Oh, and they want you dead too. That is no laughing matter.

My Husband is more than willing to sacrifice his life to protect our freedoms here at "home". He does not want our children to finish the job in 15 years. He also wants us to feel safe when shopping, at work, at school.

I do not want an American Idol style call in on when this war should be over.

*oh and to my friend that was traveling in the United States yesterday, and had to go through a security checkpoint manned by a woman in a burka, yeah I would have been nervous too*


MajorDad said...

As proud as I am of my service during Desert Storm, I've always felt bad that we did what Americans typically do, leave us yet another war to fight.

While we won a tremendous tactical victory over Saddam's military machine in 1991, we lost strategically.

I know that you're probably scratching your head saying, "What the hell, MajorDad! We kicked their asses all over the map in just 100 hours."

My point exactly. As Army Wife Toddler Mom has so eloquently put it, we already had a problem with instant gratification....whupping up on the the world's fifth largest standing army (at the time) in something under 100 hours just added military victory to the list of things Americans won't STAND to WAIT for.

I too am growing tired of the talking heads on the tube trotting out meaningless milestones when we pass KIA figures, length of war, etc. We are not losing...but we're taking our time and hopefully doing it right so this time we won't be sending our kids to finish the job. My son's already done one tour...and he's probably ready to do another one if necessary. I'd REALLY prefer NOT to have a grandson over there 25 years from now either.

So...having said that, when you run into some asshat that wants to play the impatient game...just remind them that freedom's worth whatever it takes. We'd rather die on our feet than live on our knees.

See you on the high ground!


Anonymous said...

"I do not want an American Idol style call in on when this war should be over."

That is a great comment!!

And I agree w/ you 100%. I just cannot understand how the criticizers of the war, to include media, the politicians and the American public, talk out of both sides of their mouths. They "say" they support the troops, but they do not respect anything our troops say about the war in Iraq. Gah, these people make me sick.

~also an Army Wife