Thursday, January 18, 2007


Motherhood is not for wussies, that is what I know.

The Collective are both sick with a cold or flu or something.

Sir Rowland started the trend, and now Pink Ninja also has it.

There is a tissue box in almost every room in the house. However, I think they like to hear me say "get a tissue, get a tissue, get a tissue". Because frankly it is all that is coming from my mouth. I take that back. It seems I need to follow it up with "throw your tissue away, throw the tissue away, throw the tissue away."

I figure by the time they are trained, the colds will be gone, and this lesson on civility, hygiene will be lost on them.

I have noticed the energy level has not been affected by the illness. This is good, this means it is probably a cold. They seem to get tired and cranky a little earlier than usual. There was fussing and crying here during the witching hour last night. (I call the hours between 4-6 the witching hour at my house). The hours between 4-6 are hours I loathe here. My kids do not nap, and they get up early. So by 4pm, they are grouchy anyway. When they are sick and 4pm rolls around. It is really an experience.

I am unable to go to the gym today, I cannot take The Collective to the nursery because they are ill. Darn.

So I will try and do 30 minutes of yoga at home today, well I will try...

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