Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tammi has left the building

The visit is officially over. It was very nice to have Tammi here.

We had a nice visit, we talked a lot, always good. DH had drill this weekend, so he was absent Friday and Saturday night. Lots of girl talk. It was nice.

We did manage to get out of our slippers and jammies, and leave the house yesterday, and I took Tammi to our favorite award winning rib joint, The Whole Hog Cafe. Sir Rowland ate 5 or 6 bones. Holy Moses! This kid can but down some ribs. Pink Ninja, managed 2 bones, maybe 3. They really do have the best ribs in town in my book.

We were going to watch Fun with Dick and Jane, and then ended up talking all night.

For those of you that know either of us, it was not hard.

Very quiet weekend here at Casa De Dust.

*There are no photo of the weekend, neither of us wanted to wear makeup all weekend!!*

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