Sunday, January 14, 2007

Still raining

Rain in the last 48 hours=a little over 4 inches.

We have been lucky enough to have temperatures above freezing. Otherwise, it would certainly be a disaster.

We managed to get to chuirch this morning. Sir Rowland did well, he took a workbook and a pencil. He was busy. Pink Ninja on the other hand wanted to sing and give praise loudly. They made it through 30 minutes, and then I thought the church nursery was a good idea.

I did manage to come home and put a breakfast pizza in the oven.

I do not measure, but will give you an idea of the how to..

1 Baboli pizza crust.

1 tube jimmy dean breakfast sausage cooked

country gravy

shredded hashbrowns browned with red pepper, onion, and mushrooms

toss with scrambled eggs

mozzerella cheese
put the gravy on the pizza crust

top with the scrambled egg, sausage and potato mixture

cheese on top

bake at 370 degrees until done.

Sorry I do not have specific amounts etc. I really do not measure when I cook.

Today is busy. We have to take Pink Ninjas crib down, she is no longer using it. Sad, but really she will have more room.

We have to get Sir Rowlands big boy bed frame down from the attic.

Christmas boxes need to be put away.

odds and ends. Lots of them.

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