Sunday, January 14, 2007

Have You EVER?

WEll the crib is down. DOWN. She has not slept in it for months, but it was still sad.


I sit here staring at the carefully chosen shabby chic crib set before throwing it into the wash machine one last time. Cream, pink, and green. Striped dust ruffle, a duvet cover striped on one side, with cabbage roses on the other, a fitted sheet with a circus toile print. The bumper pad a circus toile. Now what? I wash it for a final time.

It makes my heart hurt. And now with the crib down I can access the closet readily. I find the Graco pack and play. Used maybe twice, in the carrying case. My wedding dress. A maternity formal, silk shatung black (that embarrassingly enough I doubt would fit my non pregnant body now), never worn. DH's fencing outfit, a camel hair coat, DH's guidon from his OCS.

I should have left the door shut.

Because for every one thing I have gotten done today. It seems as though I discover 10 more things to do.

Frustrating yes.

A box of letters from OIF. Sweet, keep them in the closet.

Wish me luck, a part of my brain knows I can only take one thing at a time. The other part, I am sure the German part wants this done NOW!!

I think, I can mange to be done by Spring. I think I can.

But what I wouldn't give today to shut the closets, and walk out onto a deck know all was done, with a drink in hand sinking into a hot tub (which I don't have).

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