Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas diminuendo.....

I am stealing one of Sir Rowland's favorite words. Diminuendo..

As far as I am concerned the Holidays are over.

The cookies are LONG gone.....(the proof is in my ill fitting jeans, darn)

And now all that is left to do, the de-decorating.

Oh the de-decorating to be done.

And then the fat lady can sing, or a bell can ring, whatever it is that announces "It is Over".

I do hate to see the tree come down most of all. It has served as our ambient lighting in the house for the last month or so. It does look beautiful sitting in the corner. The collective do not want it down.

So I feel a bit hung over, from the Holiday Season. Being drunk with joy, activity, baking, chocolate, sugar, running, scampering about, has left me feeling "spent".

I was sitting here this morning, contemplating the season.

It is truly a wonderful time to be followed by New Years, and all of the resolutions that are attached.

A fresh start, becoming better organized, cleaning closets, getting rid of those things that we simply do not need. Heck you may as well do something, someone has to drag all of that stuff back to the attic. It may as well be put away neatly. To stream line our lives. To exercise more to work off all of those cookies, and pies, and candies. To read more, study more, volunteer more.

I keep reading the blogs, and some of you made no resolutions, although I am sure you have resolved to becoming a better you, a more dynamic you. Some of you simply did not put your resolutions up. (I too did not put all of my goals up, a woman has to have some mystery).

So here is to the New Year, to becoming a better person.

There are enough projects to keep me busy for the next 365 days!

*I almost forgot, we have to paint the house this year*

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